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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself

Public Awareness Programe

CSAP Arrange public awareness programs help to educate the public about BUILDING SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES, POLLUTION, STOP SMOKING, Do not eat PAN, GUTKA, TOBACCOand STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. Awareness program refers most important role in building a better society. To endeavor the Democratic institutes for improvements by the workshops, public awareness meetings, corners meetings and to establish democracy educational programs & Traffic Awareness Program.

We are trying to increase the awareness regarding Environmental protection in each and every way. Our mission is to protect human Health and environment. We are working for a cleaner healthier environment for the people of Pakistan.

CSAP Works to reduce pollution resulting from existing diesel vehicles and equipment by encouraging fleet owners to install pollution-reducing devices on the vehicles and to use cleaner-burning diesel fuel CSAP raise the awareness regarding the benefits of education We are trying to decrease the gender gap in education through motivating general Public about the awareness about female education. We are giving them the awareness that an educated mother means an educated family. We are making people sure to avail the free education offered by the government of Pakistan. We are also working in collaboration with different childcare and education professionals to minimize the dropout ratio in primary education. We are doing all this by person to person advocacy, holding seminars by education professionals and creating awareness through media. We are create awareness among the parents about different child care issues e.g. spacing between children and then to avail best facilities available to deliver the babies from the Govt. of Pakistan. We are also trying to raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination and also the nutritional plan for the early childhood. we are also trying to promote the breast feeding among mothers.