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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself

Objectives of Civil Society Association of Pakistan:

Civil society association of Pakistan pursues its mission through the following objectives:

  • Fulfillment of all economic, social and human rights Aid and financing for development effectiveness, Global and national security, Development issues, Education issue, Public accountability, Debt cancellation, Just governance, Gender equality, Trade justice.
  • To challenge current practice and thinking in civil society and activism.
  • To build leadership and create strategically important knowledge on how activism can more effectively influence social and political systems towards the Great Transition.
  • To connect a growing number of CSO leaders and activists internationally and help them to learn effectively about system change strategies for the Great Transition.
  • To support CSO leaders and activists to develop more effective strategies for the Great Transition.
  • To develop capacity in activists and organizations in systems thinking, effective framing and other tools to enable them to overcome current issue silos and symptoms focus as well as to help them embrace the complexity of systemic change in their strategies.
  • Increase the role of civil society association of Pakistan by strengthening its voice in policy- and decision-making at national, regional and at EU level.
  • Promote the civil dialogue between the civil society association actors, state institutions and also in the European Union in order to influence the public policies.
  • Develop advocacy knowledge and skills among civil society association actors as a base for greater impact; and Strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation between the civil society association actors in the Pakistan region.