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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself


Our Mission is to Promoting good governance and improved livelihoods through capacity development, information sharing and advocacy. 

“We are United and Engaged as key Partners in Nation-Building,
           Through active Dialogue, Participation and Action,”

To empower the civil society and influence European and national policies towards a lot of sanctionative atmosphere for civil society development so as to confirm property and functioning democracies within the Asian nation.

The mission of CSAP unfolds, into relevant working themes, which include: providing common ground for Civil Society participation in development, enabling overall growth and development of the Civil Society sector, capacity development, Inter-organizational/sector networking and liaison, partnership facilitation, policy engagement and the delivery of some essential services to the sector.

Those themes are more deployed into Key Strategic Areas:

  • Representation of the interest of the Civil Society association of Pakistan /NGO Community
  • Information and Research Services
  • Administrative Support Services Advisory / Consultancy Services
  • Capacity Development Services
  • Partnering and Policy Engagement Services
  • Accreditation Services
  • Collaborative Facilitation Services
  • Projects and Events Management Services

Rather than speak of an organization as not-for-profit or non-profit, which are negative terms, we prefer to call it a civil society Association of Pakistan organization / CSAPO.

Civil Society is Associate in nursing avowedly imprecise term that refers to the associative facet of people’s daily lives, a quality that fosters and manifests a cooperative spirit. Some folks use the term during a narrower sense, referring to the public sphere wherein citizens exchange views about common issues.

While not everybody shares the precise same definition of civil society association of Association organization, more and more academics and practitioners use this positive term to describe charities, universities, professional associations, religious groups, labor unions, citizen advocacy organizations, etc.