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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself

Basic Human Rights

CSAP promotes policies and programs that protect and further the rights of women, men and youth. The CSAP perform a major role in providing Human Rights. We want educated and healthy society in which Man, women and children have equal Rights. The CSAP working hard to develop a society in which individuals are aware of the basic right and are provided with equal opportunities to access health, educational and other facilities. Women and children, the most vulnerable segments of society, having easy access to their basic rights and justice. CSAP wants To use sustainable development to create a next generation of global citizens who have the chance to fulfill their potential and contribute to a peaceful, integrated society. We focus our programmes on quality and not quantity and believe that education and healthcare are the keys to financial empowerment thus ensuring that in the long term communities are empowered to help lift themselves out of poverty and ensure that basic human rights are secured for future generations.


  • Increasing public participation
  • Communications campaigns
  • Research & publications

Advocacy and policy change

  • Government capacity building
  • Civil society capacity building
  • Facilitating dialog between civil society and governments

Services and programs

  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Trafficking prevention
  • Child labor
  • Legal literacy